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Hello I am Louise Winchester,

The Quantum Alchemist and founder of Sacred Space.


I work with the leaders in light work

to ground their unique wisdom projects so they can be more

of service to the world.


I mentor and align people with their highest potential, so they can become really creative, serve more clients and get financial freedom for themselves.


To enquire about the

Quantum Leap Transformation Programme,

please contact the store and ask to speak to Louise.

+61 2 9977 4535






Are you a LEADER IN LIGHTWORK, already in a spiritual business serving people or looking to transition out of your current career into a full time spiritual role?


Are you wondering how you can magnify your life, business or private practice to the highest possible potential????


Do you know how to cope with the ascension energy changes, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and transform into the new earth reality,


Do you have unique gifts and receive downloads, but cannot make sense of how to channel all of that connected wisdom into tangible results that HELP YOU TO BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL?

Do you want to impact more souls with your gifts and create new levels of REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE in your clients?

I have done the journey, felt the pain and triumphed over the issues facing me as a front line leader in light work, to become one of the most successful spiritual change makers of my time. I have created a revolutionary spiritual store, healing and teaching centre. I devoted myself to my hearts calling, grounded my visions and ideas into reality, mastered all business challenges, broken through limitations, self-worth issues, communication struggles and grounded channel overwhelm.

I now have a new calling!!! to help the leaders in light work rise and ascend together….. To collaborate, become more successful, shine, serve, generate energy, clients, flow, abundance and accelerate spiritual leadership. Is THE UNIVERSE talking to you and through you?

If you need help to ground your HIGHEST AND GREATEST PATH into reality and are drawn to my celestial energy call, consider making the QUANTUM LEAP. If you are ready and this truly interests you please contact the store and ask to speak to Louise on + 61 2 9977 4535.