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Preselli Stone Green Man With Peridot Pendant Green & White 925 Sterling Silver 41.93 Grams


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Our Preselli Stone Green Man With Peridot Pendant has been alchemically artistically designed to not only look beautiful, but to provide you with a quantum spiritual upgrade to your energy.

The Alchemical Spiritual information around this piece is outlined for you below.


Preseli Blue Stone (Dolerite) – Foundations, Inner Strength & Support

This special crystal can be found at numerous sacred sites in the UK. Its origin is from Wales, but it was transported across the country to key ley line intersections for a specific purpose. I believe our ancestors & present day people used this sacred stone with the intersecting lay line dragon power energy, as a portal of amplified earth & crystalline healing energy, for transformation of the quantum self. I feel that through the use of magical invocation at these sites, coupled with the crystal vibrations & ley line energy these sites have become incredible healing portals for all who are lucky enough to receive their energetic upgrades at the times of the solstice & equinox.

When you work with this crystals energy you will feel its healing energy blanket your etheric layers at about 1 ½ ft from your body. Bands of green and white crystalline energy pour in healing light to this layer of your energy field. The energy of this crystal is an etheric earthy cleanser of your aura. It feels like a natural healing & purification blanket that can path up your etheric field and remove tears & patches of dense energy to the light. Its energy is completely soft & nurturing.

Green Man – Inner Strength

The Green Man or Dryad’s energy is a symbol of the spirit of the trees. All trees have their own tree spirit which can be felt or tuned into with one’s psychic senses. The Green Man’s (Dryad’s) energy is also a symbol of the tree of life, which is a symbol of elemental life force & inner strength.

The Green Man’s (Dryad/Tree of Life) energy is elemental in nature and about balancing of the elements within the body and the natural flow of life force energy in the individual. Its energy is very grounding to the earth & supportive in assisting you to put down strong roots or foundations in your life that will last the test of time & allow you to expand & grow as time goes on.

The Green Man’s (Dryad/Tree of Life) energy is a strong supportive energy that will help you to keep your feet on the ground, so you can build strength & endurance and the capacity to reach out for the stars.

Peridot – Psychic Attack

Peridot is the primary crystal in dispelling unwanted psychic attack or thought form projections from other people. Peridot will take out of a person’s field automatically this kind of energy & roll up its vibration to a higher octave. This crystal is a very different form of protection energy & is healing to someone who has fears of being preyed upon by unseen forces, or has past life issues around losing their life by the power to another in their Akashic Records.

Silver - Yin

Silver is the metal of the Yin female power energy. The wearing of silver supports the divine feminine energies of self.

Sacred Space's Divinity Jewellery

All of the pieces on the site have been designed with crystal, metal & symbolic relevance for the individual to step into & integrate the next level of their spiritual power. Each piece will activate & integrate into your bodies of light at a cellular & quantum level. You will be able to feel this transition when you connect to the alchemical energy of your chosen piece of Divinity Jewellery.

Most of the pieces are uniquely hand crafted & you may not see available again, so if you feel drawn to one of the pieces, it's best not to wait.

©The Crystal Alchemist – Louise Winchester

All of the information within this site has been channelled by © The Crystal Alchemist - Louise Winchester. She is a Celestial Teacher, founder & owner of Sacred Space.

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