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Joanne's Profile

Joannes's profile

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Healer & Teacher

Psychic Channelled Messages 

Tarot and Oracle Card Reader 

Reiki Master 

Seichim Reiki

Diksha Reiki

Channelled Intuitive Healings  

Sound Healing

30 min $70, 60 min $120 or 90 min $190 sessions

Available on Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Friday's, alternate Thursday's & Saturday's.

To make a booking, please contact the store on +61 2 9977 4535, between 10 & 6:30 pm Sydney Australia Time

Joanne is a dedicated Tarot Card reader, energetic healer and Reiki Master.  Naturally gifted she is able to align your energy field through feeling and intuition.  She is dedicated to helping her clients easily shift to the next level, so you are able to move forward on your journey.  She loves to surround herself with peace and light and strives to recreate this same energy in the lives of her clients.

As a Psychic Tarot Card reader and clairvoyant, she offers her clients guidance through healing messages, which will shed light on different aspects of your life.  Her readings are based around not only guidance but also channelled messages that will bring awareness to blocks that are stopping you positive movement forward in such areas as relationships, career and finances.  She believes that shifting blocks starts through your awareness and her readings will bring awareness to the issues in your life that need attention and helping you to shift to the next level.

A passionate heart based healer Joanne uses her combined healing sessions of Reiki, energetic healing and channelled messages to ensure that her clients are able to feel, experience and shift the blocks that have been holding them back.  She is able to feel into your personal energetic vibration working to release stored thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and return you to a clam and balanced state of being.

During sessions with Joanne you will able to work on the following; 

  • Releasing feelings, emotions, attitudes and thought patterns.
  • Working in the areas of self-worth, abandonment and truth.
  • Guidance in areas such as relationships, career, finances etc.
  • Messages in regards to you life purpose.

Exclusive to Sacred Space, you can now experience a Sound Session with Joanne and our Lightbody Activation Chair using crystal frequency and sound vibration therapy as a complete experience for you to upgrade your energy and activate increased levels of light quotient within your quantum field.

Sessions are available by booking an appointment and remotely as well.


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