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Divinity is a unique jewellery brand which brings together the most beautiful, rare and superior form gemstones, crystals and mineral specimens found on earth. Each piece is crafted into beautiful wearable pieces of art and comes encoded with alchemical spiritual significance.

Divinity Jewellery was founded in 2012 by Louise Winchester and is based in Sydney, Australia.

After working extensively with crystals, minerals and gemstones for their healing properties over the last 35 years, Louise understands the inherent purification and transformative properties that crystals, gemstones and minerals provide their owners. She communicates this through her writing about their quantum energy impact on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. She has studied the art of meditation, channelling, healing and crystal therapy for the last 28 years, to become the celestial teacher, designer and writer that she is today.

As she travelled the world as a part of her spiritual studies, she uncovered some of the best mining sources, as well as the highest quality silver smithing available today. She combines all of these sources with her own channelled material, to provide the very best in Alchemical Spiritual Jewellery.

People choose a piece of Divinity Jewellery because of what the crystal, mineral, gemstone or symbol represents to them. Pieces can mark memories, special occasions, provide healing, shift energy or become milestones in spiritual achievement. 

All of this creates a unique personal sentimentality to a piece of Divinity Jewellery.