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Fiona's Profile

Fiona's profile

Psychic Akashic Reader, Teacher and Healer with 15 year's experience.

Akashic Record Reading

Review of past lives with detailed information and healing of the issues currently playing out in this lifetime.  Session $330

Home and Business Akashic Clearing

Session $300 by appointment Northern Beaches, Sydney or Remote

Sessions are available by booking an appointment remotely as well as in person.

Sessions by Appointment Only

To make a booking, please contact the store on +61 2 9977 4535, between 10 & 6:30 pm Syndey, Australia Time.

Fiona is a professional Psychic, Akashic (Past Life) Record Reader, Intuitive, Energetic Healer, Mentor and Teacher whose passion is helping others to awaken their own psychic and intuitive abilities.

Fiona specialises in working at a Soul level within the Akashic Records – unlocking the secrets to your Soul.  Through an Akashic Record reading she can access the past lives where negative energetic influences took place, which are causing blocks and limitations in your life now. She also reviews your soul purpose and what are the most important elements that drive your Soul during this incarnation and she gives you a deep understanding of your Soul gifts and talents and how you can access them.  She assists you in releasing and clearing the current blocks carried from the past and present lifetimes that are now requiring healing. You will be able to relate to the entire experience and move to a spiritual position of greater clarity after reviewing and healing these issues stored within your Akashic.  Free from these blocks and limitations you can then move forward with more clarity, confidence and an authentic expression of your true Soul Self.

Fiona also teaches her Psychic Development classes, Levels 1, 2 and 3 here at Sacred Space.  These classes allow you to discover a whole new world of possibilities as you explore your intuitive gifts, find out the power you hold within and begin to create change in your world and the world around you.

What is an Akashic Record Reading? 

Each Soul, from the moment of origination, gains a set of Akashic Records. These Akashic Records are a database of information which hold every thought, feeling and experience of your Soul’s journey throughout all your incarnations, both past and present. They also hold the blocks and limitations that are currently holding you back in this lifetime, which may be stopping you living a life of abundance in alignment with your true Soul path.

These blocks and limitations will present themselves physically in the following ways: you may feel you have lost your sense of direction; you may feel stuck and unable to move forward in your life; you may have no clarity around what your life purpose is; you keep experiencing the same negative patterns, either in your relationships or financially; you may suffer from a lack of self-love and have little or no self-confidence; you may from time to time experience overwhelming negative feelings of anger, hatred, sadness or tiredness without knowing why; you may continuously engage in or always seem to attract repeated patterns of bad luck, trauma or negative events, or you may feel frustrated about never being able to find satisfaction or fulfilment in your life. 

If you are experiencing any or all of these situations then an Akashic Record Reading will help you identify your specific blocks, the reasons why you are creating these limitations for yourself at this time and most importantly how you can clear and release these restrictions from your Akashic Record in order to move forward in your life.

By having an Akashic Reading you will also gain a deep understanding of who you are at Soul level and what your specific gifts and talents are. Through this self-empowering part of the reading you are able to reconnect to your true Self and once the blocks and limitations are cleared from your Akashic Record, begin to access these gifts to create the life you want, now.

An Akashic Record reading allows you to reconnect to your Soul Self, recognise your wonderful Soul gifts, heal and release core blocks and limitations currently stopping you accessing those gifts and opens the door to making the changes to create an abundant, fulfilling and purposeful life for your Self.


What do I need to do when I book an Akashic Record Reading?

In order to get a Akashic Record Reading at a scheduled time you will need to call the store (Within Australia 02 9977 4535 / Overseas +61 2 9977 4535) to make an appointment and pay for the booking in full in advance.  You will be emailed your receipt with the time of your booking.  You will need to call in by phone at the scheduled time.  You will need to call in at the precise designated time to get the full benefit of your booking.  We prefer to work by phone rather than skype to ensure that you have no break in your communications call with your healer. Please purchase a local international phone card if you need to call us from overseas.  Fiona specialises in Akashic Record Reading work, it’s well worth spending your time working with her on your reviewing and clearing the karma from previous lifetimes as well as this one.  

When you call the store to make your booking you will need to provide us with the following information; (We need this information to get a precise lock on your uniques energy signature and access to your akashic files)

Full name at birth 

Current full name 

Date of birth 

Place of birth (Town and Country)

Your email address

Contact telephone number 

Specific Intention for your session 

 (During this session you are looking to move beyond a block in your life that you have not been able to get through or address any other way!!  We need your specific intention to be about what you want to clear in your reading)