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Exquisite Anhk, Star of David Wings of Isis & Serpent Pendant Gold Plated Gold & Clear 925 Sterling Silver 40.89 grams


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Our Exquisite Anhk, Star of David Wings of Isis & Serpent Pendant has been alchemically artistically designed to not only look beautiful, but to provide you with a quantum spiritual upgrade to your energy.

The Alchemical Spiritual information around this piece is outlined for you below.


Quartz - Cosmic Connection

Quartz is a natural all round clearing & amplification crystal. Quartz is synonymous with the clarity of mind. Quartz naturally connects to your crown chakra & assists in the anchoring of higher light into the mind, it stimulates the pineal & pituitary glands. It is the master crystal at transmuting density to light. It is incredibly useful to an individual who is at a cross road in their life. Quartz will assist you to unveil what needs to be seen & acknowledged, before choosing the path ahead.

Quartz can also assist a spiritual seeker or professional psychic to bring through higher communications from spirit & the universe, (universal beings of light, masters, goddess' & the angelic realms) through all of the 7 clair-abilities channels of communication between you and source, (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, clairgustance, clairempathy).

Quartz can be used to create clarity & wellbeing within all of the chakras, body systems, nadas, etheric body's & your electromagnetic field. It creates a natural balancing & harmonising of your complete toroidal field on all planes of existence.

When worn with other crystals on the body, quartz will naturally amplify & make stronger the intensity & power of all the other crystals you are wearing.

Star of David/Merkabah – Interdimensional Travel

At the first level of integration of the energy of the Star of David, an individual is drawn to work with its energy is trying to ascend to integrate the higher self to the lower self being, over a long period of time.

In addition, for the more advanced soul the Star of David / Merkabah is the soul’s vehicle through the cosmos. Anchoring of the Star of David into the quantum field of the individual, will give you the power to access your own light vehicle through time & space & grant you access to any part of the cosmos that you wish to visit or are summoned in service to visit.

This geometrical form is not only a 3-dimensional structure to look at, but is a multidimensional energy that osculates around the quantum field of the individual, as long as the mind can handle its incredible intergalactic power. Only those who can transcended the speed of light, will be able to access the multiverse. Activating the power of the Star, literally means to be able to travel to the stars.

Anhk - The Master

The anhk is the symbol of peace & the transcended soul that has had many lifetimes to master. The anhk is also the symbol of a Master soul that has transited all dimensions & returned fully to Source & agreed to come back to Earth in order to support & help humanity to raise its collective vibration.

Wings of Isis - Feminine Ancient Knowledge

The Wings of Isis are a symbolic connection to the Goddess Isis & her broader, higher, motherly, angelic perspective of the world. She holds the Female aspect of the higher ancient knowledge & Thoth holds the Male aspect of higher ancient knowledge for humanity. When working with Isis's energy she will assist you to hold a more non-judgemental wise perspective on holding space for people & being the witness consciousness. Each soul you witness is transitioning to the next phase of its learning & evolution. Isis will help you to hold space & assist as the midwife in this transformation of the soul. She will help you to access the silence (listening) to the soul or the guidance (wise council) for the soul you are assisting at that moment in time.

Serpent - Octavial Shift

The Serpent is the symbol of the kundalini energy, which is a transformative energy that runs through the physical body and through each of the energy centres (chakras) to make a complete cellular shift through the DNA/RNA. The serpent is symbolic of the shedding of the old dead cells or aspects of self-transforming into new higher vibrations in the body & thus, anchoring more light in the quantum field of the soul.

Silver & Gold – Yin & Yang

Silver is the metal of the Yin female power energy; Gold is the metal of the Yang masculine energy. The two combined create a total unification of both aspects of Yin/Yang, the feminine & masculine energies of self.

Sacred Space's Divinity Jewellery

All of the pieces on the site have been designed with crystal, metal & symbolic relevance for the individual to step into & integrate the next level of their spiritual power. Each piece will activate & integrate into your bodies of light at a cellular & quantum level. You will be able to feel this transition when you connect to the alchemical energy of your chosen piece of Divinity Jewellery.

Most of the pieces are uniquely hand crafted & you may not see available again, so if you feel drawn to one of the pieces, it's best not to wait.

©The Crystal Alchemist – Louise Winchester

All of the information within this site has been channelled by © The Crystal Alchemist - Louise Winchester. She is a Celestial Teacher, founder & owner of Sacred Space.

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