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Blue Kyanite Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Blue 70.48 Grams


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Our Blue Kyanite Pendant has been alchemically artistically designed to not only look beautiful, but to provide you with a quantum spiritual upgrade to your energy.

The Alchemical Spiritual information around this piece is outlined for you below.


Blue Kyanite – Know Thyself

Blue Kyanite is a crystal which helps one to connect to the realms of one’s inner self & higher self. It helps you to communicate with & listen to your inner voice, which comes as guidance from the higher self & not the more widely known egoic self.

If you are drawn to work with Blue Kyanite you are creating a bridge to communicate constantly with your higher self’s guidance on a more continuous level of existence.

Be careful to purify your ego thoroughly before working with Blue Kyanite or to your friends & family you will appear to be too openly expressing your egoic thoughts rather than your higher self’s guidance. Work at taming your ego monkey mind before stepping your inner voice volume up or you might be confused as to which part of your consciousness is instructing you.

Silver - Yin

Silver is the metal of the Yin female power energy. The wearing of silver supports the divine feminine energies of self.

Sacred Space's Divinity Jewellery

All of the pieces on the site have been designed with crystal, metal & symbolic relevance for the individual to step into & integrate the next level of their spiritual power. Each piece will activate & integrate into your bodies of light at a cellular & quantum level. You will be able to feel this transition when you connect to the alchemical energy of your chosen piece of Divinity Jewellery.

Most of the pieces are uniquely hand crafted & you may not see available again, so if you feel drawn to one of the pieces, it's best not to wait.

©The Crystal Alchemist – Louise Winchester

All of the information within this site has been channelled by © The Crystal Alchemist - Louise Winchester. She is a Celestial Teacher, founder & owner of Sacred Space.

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