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Asha's Profile

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Quantum Kinetics Healer with over 20 years experience.                  


Psychic Spriritual Intuitive Energy Healing

Kinergetics Consultant (Energetic & Spiritual Kinesiology)

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Holographic Kinetics

DNA-StemCell Healing

Mediumship Healing 

Sessions available on appointment only

$280  1 3/4 hrs in person or 1 1/2 hrs for overseas / remote.

To make a booking, please contact the store on +61 2 9977 4535, between 10 & 6:30 pm Sydney Australia Time


Asha has dedicated the last 20 years to her professional career as a Spiritual Practitioner and Teacher.  Asha is a powerful intuitive Psychic Medium, multi-skilled Healer & Counsellor, Kinesiologist, Astrologer, Massage Therapist and Meditation Teacher.

At Sacred Space Asha offers Quantum energy healings, where she combines five different modalities together to offer the very best in spiritual kinesiology and intuitive spiritual healing. 

During sessions clients are provided with practical and spiritual guidance, within many areas of their lives.  She will get to the root cause of any issues in your life and facilitate the mental and energetic changes required to ensure you get the desired changes to your life.

 Asha has a very clear and natural connection to spirit. In completion of a sessions, you will feel as if you have opened the doorway, to the next level in your life.



Asha has devoted the past 20 years, as an experienced meditation teacher, spiritual counsellor, medium, multi skilled healer and intuitive massage therapist.  Asha is renowned on the Northern Beaches as a powerful intuitive guide to the others.  Asha is caring and compassionate to see through to your heart.  In recognizing your essence, she wants to help you to become your authentic self.


  • Reiki/Quantum Energy Healing

  • Energetic and Spiritual Kinesiology - Kinergetics and Holographic Kinetics

  • Interactive Trance Channelled Healing Session 

Asha can facilitate these sessions for different levels of spiritual experience and healing. Please read the modalities below that will best suit your needs or talk to one of our staff members who will be able to support the appropriate booking for you.

References used to explain the levels of modality; 

  • Beginners (Non Interactive) Receiving from Practitioner Only
  • Intermediate (With Some Interaction) Receiving from Practitioner within self-awareness & client interaction in the session.
  • Advanced (Interactive) Practitioner instigates the healing and interactively holds the intention for the client within the self-awareness, interaction, and intent of the client.
  • Highly Advanced (Interactive) Able to hold their own space in symbiotic empowerment between client and practitioner as in trance guided meditation session.


Mediumship Intuitive Channelled Healing

1 ¾ hrs  -  Beginners to Advanced  

Someone looking for a mediumship session with Asha is looking to heal and understand one or all of the following;

  • Unresolved feelings of grief

  • Unresolved feelings of separation

  • Unresolved feelings of loss

  • Unresolved feelings of trauma

This session is not about proof of survival, (proof of survival is without question). It is about how Asha can help you resolve aspects of your relationship (eg letting go of the intensity of your emotions) with your passed over loved one or animal.

During this session Asha will bridge a channel to spirit with passed over loved ones or animals in order for you to heal your feelings about your loss.

During this session you will find a profound sense of healing, resolution, connection and assurance that the person or animal that you were connected to, can evolve to a place where you are both ok to be separate but are still connected with the memories & a new level of connection to them in spirit.


This Session would be booked by for clients looking to receive;

  • Relaxation
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Renewed energy states and heightened wellbeing
  • Shifting blocked energy of the emotions and gaining peace and tranquility in the mind

This session provides hands on energy healing, incorporating quantum and spiritual healing techniques too clear and create change from a current state to a renewed and rejuvenated state of being. This session only requires the client to relax and allow a deep state of receiving as Asha facilitates the session through intuitive spiritual guidance and working with the power of these modalities; 

  • ® Master of Reiki
  • ® Spiritual Healing
  • ® Matrix Energetics

Energetic and Spiritual Kinesiology

Combines Modalities of Kinergetics and/or Holographic Kinetics

1 ¾ hrs  -  Beginners to Highly Advanced (In store, interactive and non-interactive)

Asha is able to provide you with a profound healing session that incorporates spiritual kinesiology with the modalities of Kinergetics & Holographic Kinetics.  This is at the cutting edge of quantum energy transformational healing.  Asha is a master of these modalities and coupled with her intuitive and channeling abilities you will receive world class healing from these modalities.  


This Session would be booked by for clients looking to receive;

  • Release of general and emotional stress
  • Release of physical pain
  • Shifting long held emotional, mental and soul patterns of response and behavior
  • Genetic transference and resonance
  • Clearing stored traumas from your past, present and future
  • Depression and grief
  • Sabotage release
  • Clearing energetic toxins and/or heavy metals and general sensitivities 
  • Adequate hydration of brain and cells
  • Affirming and manifesting new situations
  • Re-aligning the energetic subtle bodies to their higher frequency for confidence in purpose, creating balance and a feeling of ease and harmony

Holographic Kinetics

1 ¾ hrs  -  Advanced

This Session would be booked by for clients looking to receive;

  • Transmuting limiting beliefs
  • Releasing stuck patterns of feeling and behaviors
  • Resolving habits & addictions
  • Resolving conflict and anger
  • Relief from anxieties  
  • Tiredness, fatigue and loss of life force
  • Ancestral patterns and DNA healing
  • Healing with past over loved ones & animals
  • Empowering you to your own spirit   
  • Surrogacy healing (you on the table to overlay your child’s energy for healing)
  • Negative energy or Implants of known or unknown origins
  • Release of Spirit attachments (Earth Bound Souls or entities connected to your energy)
  • Clearing of psychic attack (unwanted thought form projections, curses, hexes)
  • Soul retrieval
  • Multi-dimensional awareness and healing through timelines
  • Past and parallel life healing and reconciliation
  • Rehabilitation of the cells & your health
  • Gradual balancing of mild mental illnesses

Kinergetics  Spiritual Kinesiology healing modality

Kinergetics is the founded techniques of Philip Rafferty that applies the basis of kinesiology as a spiritual and energetic healing modality.  It is a non-invasive, fast and effective technique of releasing emotional and metaphysical causes of stress, pain and energetic imbalances.

Holographic Kinetics  -  An Aboriginal dreamtime healing modality

In holographic kinetics we access the truth of the self through spirit, which stores all of our experiences from every feeling, thought and created reality spanning through all dimensions in time.

From here we acknowledge the first time, any event, emotion, belief, or influence was created, within a multi-dimensional and parallel timeline, then we have the power to clear and transmute those experiences in each of those dimensions individually and collectively. With the power that comes from healing, to renewed choice and intent, we can then instantly change and manifest new cycles and patterns in the present to re-define the future.  Holographic kinetics heals the spirit and body from past trauma, emotional pain and dysfunction, genetic hereditary issues and the affects left through connections with others and external energetic interferences.  This is a unique and incredibly powerful modality created and taught by Steve Richards to accredited practitioners.

Interactive Trance Channelled Healing Sessions

1 ¾ hrs  -  Advanced (In store or distance healing, interactive and non-interactive)

Asha's signature session is a Guided Trance Channelled Healing, with her Light Being frequency and Higher Self channel.

This session is orchestrated for and with the Client, to create a full Ascension upgrade, to clear and transmute old and current vibrations and download the new.  During this session the Client attains the next level of higher purpose and optimal functioning, offering fresh perspectives, energy and inspiration.

These sessions would be booked for clients wanting to receive;

  • A deep energetic trance healing
  • A full clearing of the energy bodies
  • Restoration of the chakras and light bodies
  • Ascension upgrade to the next level of growth
  • Cellular upgrade for vitality and health
  • Insight and transcendence into many levels of yourself
  • Renewed connection to your Higher Self, protection and purpose
  • Balancing the self from empathic resonance and influences
  • Balancing the self within astrological influences
  • Balancing the self with mass consciousness and geopathic sensitivities

It is imperative for Client's choosing this session, to be sure that they are attuned to a high level of self-awareness and are able to enter a deep relaxed healing state, with an experienced ability to channel energy through their being, be ready and comfortable in receiving a profound change within multiple levels of themselves.

Modalities that may be used in combination in these sessions are;

  • Spirit trance channelling
  • Light language / channelling light being vibration
  • ® Spiritual healing
  • ® Holographic Kinetics - Entity clearing
  • ® Quantum Consciousness healing
  • ® Past Life Healing
  • ® DNA – Stem Cell Healing
  • ® Spiritual Hypnotherapy


(Explanation of DNA-Stem Cell Healing Modality)

DNA-Stem Cell healing assists with;

  • Healing of the organs and body systems in holographic awareness to emotional healing and health
  • Clearing patterns related to trauma, past lives, genetic and planetary influences
  • Reclaiming the blueprints to optimal health and functioning
  • Cleansing the telomeres of the cells to reset youth and vitality
  • Balancing and healing inner the male and female aspects and healing relationships,
  • Observing the bigger picture matrix to your life, creating awareness to motivations and beliefs, empowering new pathways and life purpose.  

A profound experiential Russian method of healing with the fundamentals of quantum physics, this healing modality follows the teachings that we are "immensely powerful and have the ability to heal ourselves".

Asha guides and facilitates these sensory and visual healing processes within the magic of DNA healing, which draws upon the wisdom of the cells and organs of the body to reset health, vitality, balance, youth and purpose.

DNA-stem cell techniques create transformation instantly, rather than feeling the catharsis of old memories and experiences. The power of your intention combined with Asha's intention re-aligns your blueprint back to optimal health.

Asha is a certified practitioner in DNA-stem cell healing, and also combines these powerful techniques with energetic kinesiology for comprehensive change and healing.